Brooklyn Girls at 10% Speed With “No” on Top
(Also I Tried to Get Rid of That Shitty Instagram Filter from the Original)

This 35-minute art piece is designed to invoke the maximum amount of despair in the viewer. Please enjoy and thank you.

For best results: Go to Bushwick in Brooklyn, play on loudspeakers at top volume, die slowly.

Uses: Meditative relaxation, backyard DJ parties, sadomasochism.

New Speedrun World Record for Halo: Combat Evolved

The other day, Andrew “goatrope” Halabourda beat the original Halo: Combat Evolved on Legendary in one hour and thirty-eight minutes, breaking his own previously set record by a few minutes. Practically every single move he makes in the game is calculated for maximum efficiency, whether one of a crapload of crazy tricks or knowing which enemies he doesn’t need to take out to progress.

This is all obviously quite impressive, but the video also reminded me how much I loved this game back in the day. A weird kind of nostalgia gets triggered when you watch some speedrun videos. It’s like 50% reliving something cherished (and sometimes frustrating) from your past, and 50% watching a magician do things you’ll never understand.