Seriously, FOX? All these emotions today and you’re giving us the Philadelphia Eagles at St. Louis Rams right now? Are you trying to make Americans simply give up?

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  3. grumpyandgorgeous said: I actually imagine it’s the NFL’s fault—they set the date, there was controversy over it, and FOX has a contract. They have to show the game. Plus, if Philly didn’t get the game, people would complain for YEARS.
  4. kevindrakewriter said: Yes. Where have you been?
  5. californieparesse said: I see this and then I see people posting the opposite of this, complaining that football was interrupted. Assholes.
  6. lickystickypickyshe said: I like today’s Chris. A LOT.
  7. positivityandpaperstars said: fox is our shining example that its still possible to be tasteless and insencitive and make a profit all at the same time. awesome. lol
  8. the-mtblog said: To be fair, all of the other major networks have ended their coverage. Unless they did zero coverage at ALL…
  9. beerburritowhiskey said: But, but, but…there’s money to be made! Watch your American football, you jerk! AMERICA!
  10. rohirrim said: the two main danish tv channels have chosen graphics of the burning towers and the ashes falling, respectively, as the theme for their coverage of the day. modern journalism is the epitome of class.