I’m not entirely sure if anybody else thinks there’s any point to me making these things—and really, I’m not even sure what these things are—but I love making them. That’s enough. It’s got to be.

Does everyone agree with that? If not, why?

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  2. psychotropic answered: this is good
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  4. segredosdeumgarota answered: oi fala +} oi
  5. skiesweknewbefore answered: yes…agreed :3
  6. parallaxdementia answered: Do what you love for you love what you do.
  7. 696skye answered: iit2 ju2t proviing that the people who run thii2 government weren’t oriigiinaly from thii2 planet or there bored and have no liife
  8. davidtribby answered: It needs a tagline at the end to seem more ominous. Maybe an obscure fact like - ‘Rick Santorum voted for the destruction of Alderaan”
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  10. whenicaughtfire answered: I concur, good sir.
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  12. brianunderstands answered: Yes, if only because the audience at the end sounds like the applause sound effect from “Punch-Out.”
  13. redfuzzyjesus answered: I wish it was more socially acceptable to hug more people all the time.
  14. santorumforgop answered: Anything ridiculous that can be made out of santorum is worth making. Making ridiculous santorum stuff is now a movement.
  16. influent answered: Aliens will find this and finally understand our species
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    omg what
  19. elyshatheriddell answered: That’s excellent =]
  20. gangsta-rap-nacional answered: nada
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    reblogging because of the “peyote” tag
  22. sjkid answered: Good for you! Keep having fun. One of us has to.
  23. londie said: This might be the scariest one yet. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.
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