1. danielac answered: my dick
  2. sketcer answered: can you tell me about starbucks and trenta?what was that?
  3. marylemcke answered: AN ENTIRE BOTTLE OF WINE:…
  4. communicatrix answered: 30 Italians.
  5. iamrodnunez answered: my penis
  6. giveusallyourinspiration answered: This dick (:
  7. daryn said: 30 girls, one trenta cup?
  8. thearimelshow answered: 7Eleven Big Gulp cups :) (from Glee)
  9. the-last-gunslinger answered: diabutus
  10. hericky answered: is it fair for me to say my dick?
  11. stevilen answered: your ego when you lose a follower.
  12. joaniepepperoni answered: my birth canal
  13. smokybanjo answered: My dick! … Man I’m fucking witty.
  14. virgil-caine answered: I was gonna say “my dick,” but I’m sure everyone said that. Soooo… something about dinosaurs.
  15. adrianoyg answered: ola tudo bem coce
  16. kall-e answered: my penis.
  17. wishinhopinprayin answered: a bowling pin
  18. asfgasgasbasdfqewtfdsb answered: My penis?
  19. ffonmercury answered: David’s stomach. OR MY FOOT IN YOUR ASS
  20. judysmilewide answered: well, you’ve seen this, but here it is again:…
  21. irrationalurges answered: Topherchris’s brain!
  22. kneedeepinhooplah answered: half of my dick.
  23. imsureiforgotsomething answered: J Lo’s bootay
  24. davereed answered: tumblr’s list of open tech-support tickets
  25. brocatus answered: as big as another trenta cup
  26. silvermary answered: your mom
  27. aerynaery said: A British poo.
  28. twillie13 answered: Lil’ wayne’s ego
  29. abject-perversity replied:
  30. s-m-r-t answered: the capacity of the human stomach
  31. inthemess said: thirty ounces!
  32. sirmitchell answered: The bowl of diarrhea it will create.
  33. califohniaa said: That bowl of various foods I just ate.
  34. parallaxdementia answered: A quart of Iced TEA!
  35. lorraynycarvalho answered: I do not know for you to be more clear in words?
  36. contra-versao answered: ?
  37. digestifordinaire answered: your mothers veneral tract
  38. serina answered: I don’t know but I wonder what kind of bra I could fashion from a couple.
  39. burn answered: Several starbucks employees, laid flat and stacked atop each other
  40. itsoppositeday answered: A motherfucking bottle of vino?…
  41. iliketulips answered: MY BREASTS? MY EXQUISITE BREASTS?
  42. thespookydog answered: Im glad alot of people said topherchris’ dick. Because, really, arent they all?
  43. theadventuresofkatemarie answered: 42
  44. frenemies answered: elephants ass. or an adult human stomache, true story.
  45. randomshitmybrainsaid answered: As big as a Ferd Truck that has a whale in it and that whale just ate a horse, and that horse was as big as a house…..I just grew 8 balls.
  46. oh-fcuk-that answered: Chris’ heart.