Tell me: What are you least thankful for this year?

  1. edmcheerfan answered: Drama and rude people
  2. artparasite answered: bad genetics.
  3. boobear143 answered: my mother
  4. erin-omalley answered: screaming drunks outside my window
  5. strange-forever answered: Escola
  6. weedbesogoodtogether answered: acne
  7. tiderip98 answered: I’d have to say Hurricane Sandy. Sure we got school off, but I feel bad for NYC.
  8. tigerwoocls answered: the staff
  9. sc101 answered: Turducken
  10. eddiereds answered: samsung
  11. tardisimpalawholock answered: Mama Drama.!
  12. infinityamdbeyond1999 answered: wars
  13. andrewfutral answered: loved ones. ugh.
  14. mayosemen answered: no se ingles :C
  15. yungndsweet answered: falling
  16. theicebergfromtitanic answered: fucking birds
  17. diadat answered: being alone again, naturally.
  18. seph-of-maryland answered: can i have some money?
  19. alexis1821 answered: the problems that god gave me , coz in that problem ! it made me so strong.
  20. donrickles answered: This racist as fuck holiday.
  21. this-is-pradddaaaaaa answered: an apple for halloween
  22. hc1701 answered: Another Twilight movie
  23. wilderebellion reblogged this from topherchris and added:
    Negative changes in inter-personal relationships. Although to be honest I think that might be every year.
  24. happycharm answered: probly not having some fried chicken in my house… i want it soo bad ….
  25. nnlmeadows answered: My lovely family.
  26. 43v3ryours answered: You =]
  27. sleekasashriek answered: this cold that I have at the moment
  28. drake-abbychicka answered: that we are still at war…..and people still killing in the name of there god…
  29. brianunderstands answered: I have nothing to complain about after reading some of these responses. Holy shit.
  30. forlackofsomethingclever answered: This semester.
  31. finalellipsis answered: tumblr
  32. laineydiemond answered: pooping :(
  33. toweliejane answered: My cancer.
  34. ellyruse answered: parking meters
  35. suicideandsalvation answered: getting my heart ripped out and it being a huge joke to everyone at school.
  36. adventuretimeenigga answered: Hurricane Sandy, causing too much destruction.
  37. doctor-david-brinner answered: Hurricane Sandy. Screw you Mother Nature
  38. 21-century-superman answered: getting the worst math teacher ever this year.
  39. iwillseetheocean answered: Being a morbidly obese drug addict :-/. Sorry - guess that’s two.
  40. thevultureclub answered: herpes
  41. andyfresh answered: haters, jk keep hating (⌐ ͡■ ͜ʖ■)