orangej3ws asked:

Why are you being sarcastic to your fans? When they ask a question you really don't need to be so damn rude..

I’m really sorry if you’re offended by my unstoppable charisma, orangej3ws. I too am a lover of orange juice (freshly squeezed, surely), so perhaps we can start over with that as a foundation towards a place of understanding and love. Unless your screen name implies that you’re a fan of literally orange Jews, in which case there are bigger issues to address.

Thanks for the thing!

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  2. itstrademark said: HIGH FIVE FOR SARCASM. *highfives*
  3. justadreamr said: This is amazing. Hahahaha
  4. orangej3ws said: Of course freshly squeezed! And no offense taken at all. I’m just saying if I had has many followers such as your self I would treat them with the up most respect! And your response made my day!